{ hello = `world; }

And here we are! After writing my share of ReScript at Practical ReScript, I figured I'd start a blog for OCaml that would help consolidate my experiences with it into some Practical advice, that you can use to start new projects, to contribute to existing ones, hell even get a job as with OCaml!

Since I don't write OCaml every day, sometimes I'll tag in other people to help out.

But today is just about saying hello 👋

Some of the subjects you can expect to read about here are:

  • How to set up projects with shared libraries between melange and dune
  • How to structure your GraphQL server/client
  • How to build web apps with HTMX, React
  • Maybe even how to run OCaml on some runtimes like AWS Lambda

And definitely on topics like:

  • Modeling, and how to cheaply explore ideas
  • How to structure your projects so refactoring is easy
  • How to build command line applications
  • and more!

So if you've got any ideas, feel free to post at me in X: @leostera